What is Deep Touch Pressure?

The underlying science behind weighted blankets is Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), with grounding at the heart of this science. The weight of the blanket pushes down on your body’s proprioceptive sensors (movement and positioning). 

DTP generates sensations in the body similar to gentle stroking, squeezing, hugs, cuddling or holding, that relaxes the nervous system. It also results in increased endorphin levels and releases the “happy hormones” serotonin and dopamine. These ‘happiness hormones’, allow us to combat stress and anxiety more naturally and without the use of psychotropic medication.

Delving into DTP

Serotonin levels
aka the ‘happy hormone’

Plays a key role in: Sensory gating and processing – Behaviour inhibition – Appetite – Aggression – Sleep – Mood – Brain Development. 

Serotonin is also a necessary building block for Melatonin that is important for healthy sleep.

The parasympathetic system of your autonomic nervous system

Is responsible for regulating involuntary functions like heart rate, blood pressure, and stimulating the digestive tract.

 Deep touch pressure increases this parasympathetic activity and helps slow many high energy functions of the body, thereby helping with regulation of your system.

The sympathetic system of your autonomic nervous system

Often referred to as the “fight or flight” response that is elicited during stressful or emergency situations. 

Think of the adrenaline rush you experience when you’re in an accident or come across a dangerous situation. That is your sympathetic system at work!

Reduces Anxiety

For people of all ages living with anxiety commonly associated with autism, ADHD, PTSD or just dealing with everyday anxieties of life.

Improves Sleep

Users report they fall asleep faster, with less movement during the night which gives them a deeper sleep.

Reduces Stress

The blankets work by exerting pressure across the body, which is like being held or hugged. This pressure helps to relieve  stress with children, teenagers and adults.

Helps us sleep better

Weighted Blankets help people to relax so they can a have a better sleep. The blankets push the body downwards, in what is known as ’grounding’, which has a calming effect that mimic the feeling of being held. This helps you to get to sleep quicker with a deeper sleep.

The Ora Blanket with its size of 122cm x 183cm is a single size blanket, that is also perfect for a double or king size bed, where the partner doesn’t require the weight. But if they want to join in, it can run horizontally on the bed to include you both. The Ora is perfect for the couch, hammock, camp stretcher, car, wherever you sleep.

Which blanket works for you?

The weighted Ora Blanket currently comes in 3 weights and available in either a cotton cover or the Minky Quilted cover. 

The Minky Quilted cover is a luxurious cover that makes the blanket so snuggly and enticing, perfect for winter or using outside.

The cotton cover is makes the Ora Blanket 100% breathable, so perfect for hot summer nights and even more transportable when taking out and about.

You can also purchase the Ora with the Minky and add the cotton cover, so you can use all year round, anywhere, anytime.

The inner, Minky Quilt and the cotton cover are all slate grey, so they match any decor.

One in six New Zealand adults had been diagnosed with a common mental disorder at some time in their lives. This includes depression, bipolar disorders and anxiety disorders.*

*The 2016/17 New Zealand Health Survey