The birth of Ora Blankets

Welcome to Ora Blankets, weighted blankets for wellbeing.

The word Ora is Te Reo which is translated means to be alive, well, safe, cured, recovered, healthy, fit, healed, survive, escape, recover, revive, life, health & vitality.This  encapsulates the essence of what the weighted blanket is and does.

My name is Pip and I’ve been running a successful blanket/baby business for the last 7 years.

Working full time, running a business, having young kids and a farm, I found going to bed and having restful sleep was a battle with a brain that wouldn’t switch off. So with the combination of customers asking about weighted blankets through my business and the fact that I was struggling myself, I purchased one a year ago, and was absolutely amazed what a difference it makes.

Sleeping with a weighted blanket, I go to sleep quicker and I have deeper longer sleeps than I used to. I find especially when using it after a physically demanding day that the body doesn’t ache as much in the morning.

And so Ora Blankets was born……

Perfect for:

• Busy kiwis on the go

• People who suffer/battle with PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, Autism, Sensory Disorders

• People who suffer from nerve issues like Fibromyalgia or CRPS

• People who want a better more restful sleep