Ora Blankets

Weighted blankets for Wellbeing

Or – ra

verb. to be alive, well, safe, cured, recovered, healthy, fit, healed, survive, escape, recover, revive

noun. life, health, vitality.


Why a weighted blanket?

So many of us these days in New Zealand push ourselves to the limit with work, play and family. Keeping up this energy can make us feel exhausted and burnt out.

Combined with the added extras of suffering from stress and anxiety, we’re in a never ending battle playing catchup.

Weighted Blankets have become the go-to solution for people managing the above, with a non medicinal therapy technique. Using the weight of the blanket to help ground and relax you.

About the Ora Blanket

The luxurious Ora Blankets have been made to be heavier than an ordinary blanket by using glass beads. They are generally 5 – 15% of the users body weight.

Currently the Ora Blanket is available in:

4.5kg (for kids and teenagers)

6.8kgs & 9kgs (for adults)

All are available in a single size of 122cm x 183cm perfect for any size bed or couch. 

Weighted blankets help with your struggles with life.

Our lives are full of situations that create stress & anxieties. Ora Blankets are here to help ease these symptoms through Deep Touch Pressure, without the help of medication.

Perfect for

Anxieties & Stress

Help sooth anxieties & stress from everyday life 

Autism Spectrum

Helping people trying to get through the day

Sleep Difficulties

Falling asleep quicker and deeper without medication

PTSD Sufferers

People suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Body Rejuvenation

Relax after a long day working or after high intensity sports or workouts

Kids & Teenagers

Everyday stress and anxieties, will help you feel more relaxed going to bed

Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) generates sensations in the body similar to gentle stroking, squeezing, hugs, cuddling or holding, that relaxes the nervous system. The effect is reduced restlessness and you physically calm down.



Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets for the busy New Zealand lifestyle

We work hard and play hard but sometimes neglect our sleep all to often. Ora Blankets are created to help rest, rejuvenate and aid in recieving the sleep we lack.

The blanket to health wellness

Busy Mums & Dads  •  PTSD  •  Sports People  •  Sleep Disorders  •  Adventurers  •  People who love weight  •  Highly physical workers  •  Autism Spectrum  •  Anxiety/Stress Sufferers  •  Cerebral Palsy  •  Sensory Processing Disorders   

The inside out of the Ora Blanket

The Ora Blanket is made with an inner blanket filled with glass beads. This helps evenly distribute the weight when being used. The inner blanket is easily attached to a minky or cotton cover by eight ties to prevent bunching and movement within that cover. This ensures the cover is 100% washable for everyday use.

Ora Blanket as a recovery aid

After a long hike, surfing mission or a long day working physically, resting and rejuvenating those tired limbs and muscles is impertaive to a quick recovery to carry on doing what you need to do the next day.

The weight of the Ora Blanket helps ground and relax these muscles so you can start the next day at 100%.

Easily transportable, you can take it with you camping, hiking, exploring, skiing, sports competitions or on a weekend away.

Ora Blanket family

We have 3 weights available in 2 different prices.

• Adult Ora Blanket 6.8kgs & 9kgs
• Child/Youth Ora Blanket 4.8kgs

Available with either a minky cover or cotton cover.
Extra covers can be bought additionally.

All purchases include FREE DELIVERY within New Zealand

Customer Feedback

Thank you so much for sending the blanket. I bought this for myself because it takes me so long to get to sleep. My husband has noticed I sleep heavier and happier in the morning. He’s going to put an order in for the heavier 9.8kg one for his side of the bed.

Tracey Mannering


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